Application notes

Adjusting the instances/ports' view suitable to you can improve your efficiency greatly.

  1. Arrange the instances according to the data flow.

For example you have a block diagram showing the data flow.

The initial instances' arrangement may not be suitable. You can adjust them by dragging and dropping.

Better arrangement

Now you can find the interested object more easily.

  1. Try to arrange all ports in your view area.

Try to make efficient use of the screen, especially in projects having large amount of ports.

Zoom in/out the view to make you have a clear sight of the port names and have the window occupy an efficient area.


many ports

You can set max view area height to wrap the ports.

  1. Turn on "Show Lone Ports" in the toolbar.

By this you can see clearly how much work left.

  1. Use a large monitor and/or use more monitors.

This is very useful in large projects.